Morgan Stokes (b. 1990) is a Berlin-based artist and designer from Sydney, Australia. He has a background in graphic and object design, with a Master of Design from the University of New South Wales. He has been active since 2014 and has exhibited in shows in Australia and Germany, with upcoming shows in Copenhagen and Berlin.

Stokes’ melancholic work grapples with the anguish of the digital world and how it affects our memories and lives. Understanding the internet as a place where past and future peacefully coexist in the present, Stokes’ neo-surrealist works draw from our fraught relationship with technology. His practice playfully explores the digital experience through traditional painting techniques, juxtaposing recognisable digital fragments and historical symbols in unexpected ways. The artist often blends algorithms, symbols of contemporary life and art history, to create a narrative that offers an alternative way of seeing the world. Stokes’ vivid works elicit the complex emotions associated with this universal contemporary condition, attempting to capture the weariness of a modern generation.



2014 Master of Design, College of Fine Arts (UNSW)

2011 Bachelor of Arts (Communications, Advertising), Charles Sturt University



2019 Halle113, Berlin (October)

2019 Art Spring, Berlin (June)

2014 Human Clay, Paddington (July)



2019 Berlin Art Institute, Berlin, Germany (February-June)