Morgan Stokes (b. 1990) is an Australian emerging artist. After a four month residency in Berlin in 2019 followed by a year long practice in Germany, he is now located back in Sydney. Stokes holds a Master of Design from the University of New South Wales.


Understanding the internet as a place where past and future coexist in the present, Stokes’ works draw from our fraught relationship with technology, juxtaposing the nascent visual language of digital screens with the tradition of oil painting. Stokes fragments and blends forms and ideas in order to challenge and explore identity, digital anxiety and the new, technology-centric human condition.





Upcoming Exhibitions

Postponed Interface, Down Under, Solo Show, Chippendale, AU



2020 Art at Night (Art Month Sydney), Woodburn Creatives, Group Show, Redfern, AU

2020 Portraits, Tête Gallery, Solo Show, Berlin, DE

2020 Perspectives Berlin, Group Show, Berlin, DE

2019 Halle113, Group Show, Berlin, DE

2019 Art Spring, Group Show, Berlin, DE



2013-2014 Master of Design, College of Fine Arts (UNSW)

2009-2011 Bachelor of Arts, Charles Sturt University



2019 Berlin Art Institute, Berlin, DE



2020, Saint Maison Issue #2

2020, Sand Journal Issue #21 “Archaeology of Water and Air”, Cover Artist and Feature Artist, DE

2019, Reinbeckhallen, DE

Selected Works
Transfer, 2020, hessian and bleach with artists frame, 61x46x4cm
Space, 2020, oil, acrylic, bleach, conte pastel on canvas, 200x150x4cm
11011, 2020, oil on canvas, 100x100x2cm
#C4AA85, 2020, oil, watercolour, acrylic on canvas (framed), 86.5x74x5.5cm
Hold, 2020, oil and spray paint on canvas with artists frame, 109x80x4cm
00100, 2020. Oil on canvas, 102x76x4cm
Home, 2020, pigment, spray paint, acrylic, conte pastel, vinyl on canvas, 120x160x4cm
East Melbourne Blue, 2020, 70x107cm, oil on canvas
Portrait study 7, 2020, 32x23cm, oil on board
Portrait study 9 (Self portrait as Rembrandt), 2020, 32x23cm, oil on board
Man in navy, 2020, oil on canvas, 107x84cm
Self portrait in lockdown, 2020, oil on linen, 80x60cm
jelouissa (Portrait Study 7), 2020, 30x23cm, Oil and acrylic on board
Still life with apricots, 2020, oil on linen, 63x63cm
Watermelon study, 2020, oil on linen, 41x30cm
Tennis ball study, 2020, oil on linen, 41x30cm
Still life with watermelon, 2020, oil on linen, 80x60cm
Study for a head (portrait of Julia), 2020, oil on canvas, 101x76cm
Man in green II, oil on linen, 80x60cm
Family Portrait, oil on linen, 120x100cm
Man with carnation I, oil on linen
Nude woman I, oil on linen, 70x70cm
Seated woman II, oil on linen, 70x70cm
Man in green, oil on linen, 80x60cm
Man In Green detail
Seated woman, oil on linen, 120x100cm
Seated Woman Detail
User Series
internet_friend triptych
internet_friend_1 detail
internet_friend_3 detail
internet_friend 2